Friday, October 26, 2007

"You Can Always Tell What Kind of a Person a Man Really Thinks You are by the Earrings he Gives You." ~Audrey Hepburn

As you all know, Tiffany's just came out with a new project. Apparently, they are downsizing the size of their stores, so they could open a larger amount of them in different places... isn't it just marvelous? I cannot wait, for there is not a Tiffany's store near me. I have also found out what I want for Christmas. Thank you Tiffany's! It would be absolutely darling if I could get one of the new, one of a kind, Italian Audrey Hepburn Handbags, but they are not easy to find and are expensive. Maybe I will have to wait until later. Who knows? They may end up on Ebay. That is ofcourse, they will be much more valuable, and much more expensive! As Audrey Hepburn say
s, "I've been trying to save, but no matter what I do there always seems to be a couple of hundred dollars in the bank..." Ofcourse, my parents make me save, but like Audrey, I am not very good at it! Oh well, Christmas is around the corner. You all know what that means!

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